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The story of Takoky.

With a diverse, user-friendly, and convenient product line made from clean and pure natural agricultural sources, Takoky is a precious gift for your family's health. The Takoky product line takes pride in providing new values and the best quality to consumers.

With the aspiration to produce products that captivate consumers with the value of the products themselves, we hope to change consumer habits in selecting and using "all-natural" products daily to ensure health. When choosing food powder for your family's meals, choose Takoky for not only its delicious taste but also its purity to protect your loved ones.

Category product TAKOKY
Breadcrumbs have a scab-shaped structure. Breadcrumbs are very useful in cooking fried dishes such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid, chicken, and meat as well as vegetarian dishes such as mushrooms, and tofu… Main ingredients after being rolled in flour (may be tempura or wheat flour) are dipped in scrambled eggs and covered with bread crumbs. Fried bread crumbs create a delicious, crispy coating for the food yet still retain its original flavors
Produced by using spray and freeze drying technology. The product is milky white, aromatic, and is as sweet as natural coconut milk. Takoky Coconut milk powder is a convenient product for every household, easy to store and can be purchased anytime and anywhere. It is used in cooking dishes such as curry, cakes, sweet soups, ice cream, and sticky rice.
(Also known as corn starch). Corn flour is processed through soaking, crushing, separating, sifting, separating gluten, refining milk, centrifuging, and drying. Uses: corn flour is used to increase the adhesiveness and viscosity for other dishes such as sauces, soups, and ice cream. It is an important ingredient for cakes, cupcake, and cookies
(Also known as tapioca, cassava flour). Tapioca starch is made from freshly harvested cassava roots following the process of peeling, rinsing, grinding, centrifuging, starch separating, and drying. Uses: tapioca starch is the main ingredient in Vietnamese cakes such as steamed layer cakes (bánh da lợn), clear flour cake, husband and wife cake, and tapioca cookies. It is also used in food processing such as instant noodles, rice paper, vermicelli, pasta, noodles, potato starch, tapioca, and pearl.